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  1. A must read regarding WE Charity and their shell corporation

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    Trudeau gov. contract for $912M student program was with WE Charity’s real estate holding foundation

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government awarded the contract to run the $912-million student volunteer program to a foundation that only received charity status last year and whose stated purpose was to “hold real estate,” newly released records show.
    Both a government and charity official confirmed the controversial Canada Student Service Grant contract was not with WE Charity, as Trudeau announced.
    Rather, the government gave the contract to the WE Charity Foundation, which is a distinct charity with no track record.
    The WE Charity Foundation was incorporated as recently as January 2018. It was described by WE as inactive in August 2018 and only became a federally registered charity in April 2019.
    Its stated purpose was to hold tens of millions worth of WE Charity real estate.
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    How it became the vehicle for the government’s sole-source contract for the student volunteer program, which has embroiled the prime minister in an ethics scandal and triggered committee hearings, could raise fresh questions for the Liberals.
    Read more: Trudeau and Morneau couldn’t have avoided being involved in WE deal, privy clerk tells MPs

    In his statements on the CSSG, Trudeau said it was to be “administered by WE Charity.” But late Tuesday, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth Minister Bardish Chagger’s office confirmed the government had actually contracted the WE Charity Foundation.
    “The contribution agreement for the Canada Student Service Grant is between the Government of Canada and WE Charity Foundation,” Dani Keenan said.
    WE Charity and WE Charity Foundation are in fact different charities. ...
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  2. Two Faced Trudeau

    Justin Trudeau is a cancer on Canada, this two faced liar always plays by double standards. He must be voted out.

    Scandalous - SNC Lavalin
    Ethics - He can’t be trusted
    Blackface - Showing his true colours.
    WE Charity - His family accepted 300K.
    WE Charity - Wants to give 900M

    WE Charity & Trudeau - Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!

    Order In Council - Illegality bans some firearms without parliamentary approval.

    Power hungry - He will stop at nothing to grasp power, uses COVID-19 to try to gain special powers in parliament, essentially a dictatorship.

    Liar - He will cater to youths for votes, he will cater to foreigners for votes, if Trudeau stays as prime minister Canada will always be second.
    The Truth Hurts