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  1. Finally found a direction for the site!

    It took me a long time but I finally figured a direction for the website. I plan on keeping it localized and promote the area. From Informative links to social media communities the site will help network. I still have a lot more work to do so come back and check it out.
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  2. I am....Schneider? Not so much!

    Working at Schneider was a bad experience from the start, this American company which operates a facility in Guelph, ON has somewhat of a different culture. The first day of orientation reminded me of "The Walking Dead", no, there are not any zombies walking around....if we consider people with who suffer from self induced tunnel vision walking around then yes, real live zombies. You see, in the walking dead, Rick tries to find out who is Negan. All of Negan's followers reply with "I am Negan". Schneider is the same way, the video during orientation had everyone saying "I am Schneider", this left me with an eerie feeling. The next video which was shown was an anti union video. "Say "NO" to a union, if someone approaches you with a union card make sure you don't sign it because you don't know what you are signing." And the video went on and on about being anti union.

    I should mention that the first day no one shakes your hand. Simply a "hi" and "follow me". The atmosphere was cold. A recruiter came up to the North Bay area and when asked about the turn over rate he replied "near 100%". Schneider in Guelph has a class of new recruits starting every Saturday. The size of the classes range from 7 to 10 people per week which is almost 40 new hires per month. You be the judge.

    I don't want to go on and on and bad mouth this company, in my personal experience it was horrible. When I needed help no one contacted me, no reply to emails, phone calls, texts or any messages. Needless to say, this was the first job I have ever walked away from in my life.
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  3. #OpRoadrunner progress

    As of 4 Aug 2017 #OpRoadrunner is a complete success. I have obtained all my licences. ABM2Z. 18 Aug 2017 I head down to Guelph to start training with Schneider National. It's been a good year to accomplish goals and I remain focused to complete many more.

    The AZ was challenging. I took the course with Transport Training Centres North Bay Campus. The thing that was stressful is the instructors oftentimes fell alseeep, in class and in the truck.

    Next #Op.......soon to come.
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  4. #OpRoadrunner

    #OpDisenthrallment was a big success, it was a fun way to set a goal and achieve it. My next goal which is the continuation of #OpDisenthrallment is to obtain every class of drivers license in Ontario. My license would look like the following, ABMZ.

    A - Transports
    B - School Bus and any type passenger vehicle on the road
    M - Motorcycle

    Z - Air brakes

    Currently I have B,M2

    I can't get my full M until 2019 but I am able to operate a motorcycle anywhere and anytime, the only restriction is 0% alcohol.

    I start my AZ on the 19 Jun 2017

    In August I will have A,B,M2,Z

    I am naming the goal of obtaining a license for every class vehicle #OpRoadrunner.
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  5. Motorcycle course a success

    Saturday June 3rd 2017 was my first time on a motorcycle. I was learning on a Honda CBR125R, small little bike but fun. The instructors at Canadore College were great, the course is designed to teach from the ground up which is great for people like me who have never ridden before. Once I got the hang of the clutch and finding the sweet spot things got much better from there. Saturday and Sunday were long days, from 0800 hrs to 1630 hrs we were pretty sore and tired. The most important thing to take away from the course is safety and never give up. There are times when it feels like "I can't do this" but keep pressing on and the confidence will come. One lady dropped out of the course because she felt her skill was not up to par, I know she could do it, practice with the throttle and clutch to gain confidence and I hope she goes back to complete the course.
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