I am....Schneider? Not so much!

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Working at Schneider was a bad experience from the start, this American company which operates a facility in Guelph, ON has somewhat of a different culture. The first day of orientation reminded me of "The Walking Dead", no, there are not any zombies walking around....if we consider people with who suffer from self induced tunnel vision walking around then yes, real live zombies. You see, in the walking dead, Rick tries to find out who is Negan. All of Negan's followers reply with "I am Negan". Schneider is the same way, the video during orientation had everyone saying "I am Schneider", this left me with an eerie feeling. The next video which was shown was an anti union video. "Say "NO" to a union, if someone approaches you with a union card make sure you don't sign it because you don't know what you are signing." And the video went on and on about being anti union.

I should mention that the first day no one shakes your hand. Simply a "hi" and "follow me". The atmosphere was cold. A recruiter came up to the North Bay area and when asked about the turn over rate he replied "near 100%". Schneider in Guelph has a class of new recruits starting every Saturday. The size of the classes range from 7 to 10 people per week which is almost 40 new hires per month. You be the judge.

I don't want to go on and on and bad mouth this company, in my personal experience it was horrible. When I needed help no one contacted me, no reply to emails, phone calls, texts or any messages. Needless to say, this was the first job I have ever walked away from in my life.
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