Two Faced Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau is a cancer on Canada, this two faced liar always plays by double standards. He must be voted out.

Scandalous - SNC Lavalin
Ethics - He canít be trusted
Blackface - Showing his true colours.
WE Charity - His family accepted 300K.
WE Charity - Wants to give 900M

WE Charity & Trudeau - Scratch my back and Iíll scratch yours!

Order In Council - Illegality bans some firearms without parliamentary approval.

Power hungry - He will stop at nothing to grasp power, uses COVID-19 to try to gain special powers in parliament, essentially a dictatorship.

Liar - He will cater to youths for votes, he will cater to foreigners for votes, if Trudeau stays as prime minister Canada will always be second.
The Truth Hurts