Justice System - Duffy & Gomeshi

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Today Mike Duffy was cleared of all 31 charges which include fraud, breach of trust and bribery. On March 24, 2016 Jian Gomeshi was cleared of 5 charges of sexual assault/harassment.

I have a personal opinion in regards to our justice system, the system itself and process is corrupt. It seems to me if an individual is charged, depending on social status the outcome is different. Someone with lots of money or someone who is high profile will be cleared of all charges, yet, the average joe who commits the same crime will usually see the inside of a prison.

I find these outcomes from our justice system unacceptable. Fraud is criminal, we are supposed to be able to trust our politicians and senators. Beating someone during sex is an offence. It is sexual assault. The victims have not seen justice, they have been re-victimized. Hopefully they will find enough courage to appeal the 5 charges.
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