Motorcycle course a success

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Saturday June 3rd 2017 was my first time on a motorcycle. I was learning on a Honda CBR125R, small little bike but fun. The instructors at Canadore College were great, the course is designed to teach from the ground up which is great for people like me who have never ridden before. Once I got the hang of the clutch and finding the sweet spot things got much better from there. Saturday and Sunday were long days, from 0800 hrs to 1630 hrs we were pretty sore and tired. The most important thing to take away from the course is safety and never give up. There are times when it feels like "I can't do this" but keep pressing on and the confidence will come. One lady dropped out of the course because she felt her skill was not up to par, I know she could do it, practice with the throttle and clutch to gain confidence and I hope she goes back to complete the course.
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